Going Viral

It’s that time of year where we head to our local GP for our flu vaccines, stock up on vitamin C and three ply tissues and get ready for the onslaught of colds and flues that will undoubtedly sweep through our workplaces. Just like these viruses, viral videos spread quickly and of their own accord, which makes them excellent marketing vehicles for those with small budgets.

Here at Messages On Hold we’ve enjoyed great success with viral marketing.Frame Your MateWorld’s Greatest Business MindAustralia 2010 Electionand Warnie’s Words of Wisdom have literally amassed millions of views. Naturally, this is great for our branding and getting our name out there. But you don’t need millions of views for your viral video to be ranked a huge success.

According to the article Secret Sauce: What Does It Take to Create a Viral Video? your viral video needs just 10,000 views to be classed as a grade A. Interestingly, it’s not just the number of views that classes a video as viral, but how quickly and easily it gets shared. For other insights, and some great tips on coming up with catchy concepts for videos that go ‘viral’, check it out here.

And finally, if you really want your video to spread in the time it takes to say ‘cold and flu tablets’, check out our efforts under the heading “Viral Videos”here.