Video Content: How It Can Bolster Your Marketing Messages

I was having coffee with a friend the other day when I told them I’d seen the new David Fincher film Gone Girl, an adaptation of the novel by the same name. He said “wouldn’t you rather read the book first, then see the movie?” As an impatient person who writes (and consequently reads) for

How To Engage With Your Audience – Presidential Style

So the President of the United States knows what Between Two Ferns is. Big deal. Well, actually it

The New Literacy

Are you still relying on the written word to sell? Get with the times! The language of persuasion

Messages On Hold: Steroids for VoIP Systems

In April we posted here on what it takes to create a fantastic-looking and highly-effective web video. Today I’d like

Going Viral

It’s that time of year where we head to our local GP for our flu vaccines, stock up

From Behind The Camera

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a fantastic-looking and effective internet video like the ones on our homepage? We write, film and produce the entire thing ourselves – and you can too! A lot of businesses, ourselves included, are turning to new media such as internet videos to build brand equity and

Mastering Marketing In Under 2 Minutes

Okay, you may not be able to master marketing in under two minutes but with my new online

Save The Date!

Ever wonder what happens when you give a one-man-marketing-machine a camera and some editing software? The answer is

Coming Back For MOH

Targa events are full of thrills and spills – I should know! I misread a corner during Targa Tasmania

Up, up and press play!

To get any media exposure in the world of motorsport you need to either win or crash! At