Why you should choose human voices over AI for your next audio project

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has without a doubt transformed the landscape of media production and consumption. And, in this ever-evolving fast-paced digital world, the benefits of AI are undeniable – streamlining, time saving, automating… However, there is a major element that AI cannot replicate, and that’s human emotion.

So when it comes to an audio project such as your on hold phone messages, IVRs, e-learning voiceovers, radio or TV ads, audiobooks, public announcements, and more, you’re faced with two choices. One: the convenience of an AI-generated voice, or two: the authenticity of a human voice. We know which one we’d choose!

Naturally, a human voice emits human emotion and, in turn, fosters human connection. The inflections, the nuances, the hesitations… these are the features of the human voice that resonate with the audience and thus create higher rates of engagement and a stronger bond.

AI voices struggle to mimic human emotions, whether this be excitement, empathy, humour, or something else, meaning that anything voiced by an AI will be just one level, whereas anything voiced by a human will have depth to it. Ultimately, depth is the key to eliciting a meaningful connection with the listener. 

Another benefit of using human voices when it comes to recording your audio project, is that they’re able to be directed – we can provide real-time feedback and direction so the voice talent pronounces words (names, locations, etc) exactly as they should, increase or decrease pitch and pace, alter their projection, change the emphasis, and more. This is something you cannot achieve with AI voice models.

Let’s go back to basics for a moment. Marketing 101 – successful consumer engagement is a direct result of positive interaction between the consumer and the brand. It’s common knowledge that consumers are more likely to spend money on products and services when they feel connected to the brand. 

So why take the risk and use an AI generated voice to talk to your customers? A human voice is far more personal, authentic, and relatable – all of which your listeners will appreciate.

But don’t just take our word for it. We recently asked an AI why we should use humans to voice audio projects rather than Artificial Intelligence, and this was the response we got:

“Using a human voice for your audio project adds a personal touch and emotional connection that AI voices may lack. Human voices can convey nuances, emotions, and authenticity that resonate better with listeners, creating a more engaging and memorable experience. By choosing a human voice, you can bring warmth, personality, and a unique identity to your project that AI voices may struggle to replicate.”

So, there you have it, folks – even AI agrees, while there are certain benefits to using Artificial Intelligence, when it comes to voicing, there’s a quality found in human voices that just can’t be attained through AI.

At Messages On Hold, our voiceover artists are 100% human through and through. Check out our vast library here and find the perfect voice for your brand. Alternatively, contact our team and we’ll make a recommendation for you.