Timaru Cinema’s botched voicemail goes viral

Still think internally recorded phone audio, written and read by your staff members, is the way to go?

You might want to rethink phoning it in when it comes to automated message recording!

Unfortunately, Movie Max Digital Cinemas in Timaru found themselves on the hook when they let an employee record a message about lockdown.

You don’t have to check Rotten Tomatoes – this voicemail is definitely rated M for language! This expletive-heavy message drops more F-bombs than Samuel L Jackson in a Quentin Tarantino film.

A hapless cinema worker attempted to record an after-hours message for their Level Four restriction period four times. It seems the misfortunate employee couldn’t quite get the message right – and instead of deleting and re-recording new attempts, the entire message reveals his frustrating, f&*k-filled fiasco. You can hear the F-word-infused recording below.


After going viral, Timaru Cinema quickly changed their message – but not before the internet had a laugh!

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