Why your business should use IVR

If you’re not using IVR for your business, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. Why? Because IVR is like having a personal assistant in your phone system – no more being transferred to the wrong department, no more missed sales, and no more mundane switchboard roles.

Whether you’re a small, one-person organisation, or a multi-faceted global brand, IVR messages are a simple yet highly effective way to make a lasting impression on your callers.

IVR messages are the first thing your callers will hear – whether this be in the form of a welcome message, an afterhours message, a voicemail, or menu options, so a well-crafted IVR message could make all the difference to your callers’ experience.   

How will IVR benefit your business? Easy!

Personalised messages and menu prompts

Whether a customer is giving you a ring about a shiny new product, airing their grievances, or seeking some technical wizardry, the absolute last thing they want is to waste precious time trying to navigate through a labyrinth of options. That’s where IVR comes in. Think of it as an invisible PA who directs, reassures, and enlightens your callers with whatever important information you want to share. Get your callers where they need to be and doing what they need to be doing in a flash.

You can even use Welcome messages to promote new or seasonal products and services, as well as upcoming events.

Traffic handling

For businesses, IVR is all about making your service more efficient. With an IVR system, you can handle hundreds of calls simultaneously, which would be impossible to do manually. IVR also allows callers to connect with their desired department or team member, quicker and easier than ever before. It’s no secret that callers may have to spend a considerable amount of time waiting due to high call volumes, but IVR gives you the option to allow callers to leave a message or even request a call-back. IVR messages can also be used to direct callers to other platforms such as your website or social media.

Customer satisfaction

When IVRs are used right, they become a time-saving superhero for both callers and businesses. Happy customers mean higher levels of satisfaction and improved brand loyalty, which is tick tick for you!

Professional image

Everybody knows first impressions count. They’re like a sneak peek into who we are and what we’re about. Whether it’s a job interview, a blind date, or meeting someone new, those initial moments can shape how others perceive us. People calling your business phone is no different. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so a professional greeting, voicemail, or afterhours message is vital.

Embrace the power of IVR and take your customer service to new heights! If you’re interested in learning more, or want to see just what we can do for your brand, chat with our team and ask for a free demo today!