The Wonderful World of Sound Effects

We take the art of keeping callers entertained seriously. Our mission? To make sure they stay happily on the line and don’t feel like they’re stuck in a never-ending elevator music nightmare. (SFX: Scream) Our copywriting geniuses, (Of course I’m biased, but that’s beside the point…) will spice up your phone audio with our epic sound effects, guaranteed to entertain your callers and keep them engaged for longer. (SFX: Wow) Phone calls will never be the same… (SFX: DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! (Dramatic Sound Effect))

From Air Horns, and Baby Cooing, to Yawn, and Zap… we have more sound effects than a dog with a squeaky toy addiction! We’ve got factory sounds, sneezes, and rain… dogs barking, cars revving, and people laughing – whatever industry you’re in, product you’re selling, or demographic you’re reaching, our sound effects are for you.

When you use sound effects in your messages, you’ll be adding a new layer to your callers’ experience… (a good layer, not like the layers in Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle). Not only will you be keeping your callers informed, but you’ll also be engaging and entertaining them unlike ever before. (SFX: Crowd – Ooh Ahh) So now, rather than bland promotional messages that fall flat on their face, (SFX: Falling and Thud) you’ll be able to surprise, impress, and wow your callers with sexy messages. (SFX: Wolf Whistle)  

Sound effects also increase the perceived value of your phone audio production, (SFX: Cash Register) meaning callers will recognise your brand as being professional, well-financed, and committed to all areas of business. Sound effects could be the pizzazz you need to take your business to the next level.

Let’s get serious for a moment. (SFX: Cough – Clear Throat) If you’re a corporate company or dealing with serious issues and humour’s not fitting for your messages, that doesn’t mean you can’t use sound effects. From keyboard typing sounds and the double click of a mouse, to a simple chime, we can create professional, refined, and appropriate phone audio messages for your business. Regardless of what industry you’re in or what messages you’re conveying, we’ll use suitable sound effects to keep your callers on the line.

Okay, back to fun! (SFX: Crowd – Applause with Cheers & Whistles) Forget about being just another voice in the crowd – it’s time to stand out and make some noise! (Trust me, once you’ve added sound effects to your life, there’s no going back.) You’ll be the talk of the town… or at least the talk of the call in no time!

Interested? Of course you are! Head to our website to request a free, no-obligation demo, and chat with our team about our vast catalogue of sound effects to take your phone audio to new heights today. (SFX: Rocket Launch)

Seriously, do it now.

Stop reading.

I’m not kidding – chat with our team today.

The future of the universe depends on it. (SFX: Laugh – Evil Chuckle)  

Not really.

But for real, we’re ready when you are!