How do I keep my customers informed?

How do I ensure important information gets to my customer base? What’s the best way to tell clients about changes in my business?

These questions are everywhere in the wake of the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate in every industry. From hospitality to travel, education to retail, services to medical care – customers have questions!

“Are classes happening this week?”

“Do I need to wear a mask when I visit?”

“Are your hours the same during lockdown?”

“Can you still make my delivery on time?”

The questions come fast and furious – at a time when stress levels are high and staff levels are low, it can mean a real slow-down in productivity at your business or organisation. So how do you save your staff time and keep your customers in the loop?

1. Email

You could send out a mass email to your newsletter list – detailing every COVID-19 policy, every change in your hours, every cancellation, and every update – but the problem is, many times these emails get filtered into the intended recipients spam folder. Or, even more frustratingly, clients will simply delete these emails without reading them, and then follow up with you over the phone with questions you’ve already answered.

2. Social Media

Many organisations post updates to their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – but these posts will be quickly buried in your followers’ newsfeeds. Even posts pinned to the top of your page can be ignored by the more technologically challenged members of your target audience – causing your page to be flooded with direct messages often asking the same questions over and over again. Plus, it’s easy to forget to update these posts – sometimes letting your online followers read the wrong information for weeks or even months.

3. Website

Business owners can update their websites to include relevant COVID-19 information – however this service often costs a pretty penny in web development fees if you don’t have an in-house team. And again, this information can often be set-and-forget – leaving your site’s visitors with long-standing misinformation.

So what’s the solution? Informative phone audio. Your callers already have a question for you in mind – that’s why they’re calling! Why not answer it in a pre-recorded Welcome message before your staff even have to pick up the phone? You’ll save your team and your callers time while imparting crucial information.

And with Messages On Hold’s unique rental system, we’ll help you remember to update your messages often so you’ll always be playing the correct information to your callers.

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the additional benefits of Messages On Hold – like our professional scripting services, lightning-fast turnaround times, and dedicated customer support. Messages On Hold provides premier service to ensure you can best help your customers.

So don’t rely on iffy emails, unhelpful social media posts, or expensive, time-consuming updates to your website. Get your most important points to your callers before they speak to your staff! Get your free demo today.