COVID-19 + Christmas = more phone calls!

Has your phone been ringing off the hook lately? It’s not a coincidence! There’s been a huge resurgence in serving customers over the phone. A CGS Inc survey found the top channel for service in a crisis was over the phone. 51% of respondents prefer to speak with someone, while text, email, video conferencing, chat and social media only rated between 17% and 5%.

And that steady stream of contact is likely to increase as we get closer to the holidays. Sounding calm, organised, up-to-date and professional has never been more important. Here are the most important audio products to consider when communicating with your customers:

  1. Welcome

Your recorded welcome announcement is the first point of contact. Make sure it reflects your brand, communicates relevant, timely information, and puts your caller at ease.

2. On Hold

When you put callers on hold, do they hear about proactive changes and safety protocols you’ve introduced? Do you alert them to what’s happening over the upcoming Christmas break? The time your callers spend on hold is a golden opportunity to keep them informed.

3. After Hours

If a caller calls after hours or when you’re closed for the holidays, what do they hear?  A professionally recorded announcement could invite them to leave a message or direct them to your website, and ensures they know exactly what’s happening even if you aren’t there to pick up the phone.

4. Other Audio

And that’s not the only audio we’d like to help you with – we’re also here to assist you with video voiceovers, social media content, radio ads, podcasts, PA announcements, the works! If it’s audio for your business, rest assured we’ll work hard to make you sound on-brand, professional and impressive.

Take advantage of this resurgence in phone communication, and keep your callers informed, entertained, and up to date. Click here for a free, customised demo, or live chat with our team to update your production today!