Exploring Your Business’ Voice!

When working on your business branding, it’s natural to start brainstorming ideas for logos, colours, website design, shop fit-out, and how well your business looks to potential customers. But have you ever thought about how your business sounds?

Whether you have a business YouTube account, promotional videos playing on your social media or in your waiting area, or even a podcast – how do you think your audio branding is coming across to potential customers or clients?

Pacing, volume, tone, timbre, and depth of your voice is vital to how people will hear you, and how well your business or organisation stands out. In the TED Talk, ‘How To Speak So That People Want To Listen’, Julian Treasure highlights the importance of these aspects of our voice, if we want to be heard.

A good exercise to see how well your business sounds, is to give your business a call. Do it now! I’ll wait…

What did you think? How did your welcome message sound? And what would you think if you were calling your company for the first time?

If you heard an unconfident, casual voice, possibly recorded by an employee of yours, how do you think that works in favour of your audio branding? Does it work in your favour at all?

When people call your business for the first time, it’s likely they have a question, or want further clarification on your products or services. Make sure they only have the highest expectations of your business, by ensuring the voice who automatically picks up is warm, confident, and in-line with your business branding.

It’s a whole other ball-game when it comes to voice overs for promotional or educational videos – if the voice over who’s guiding the watcher clearly sounds like they’re reading a script, or uses filler words like “um” and “ah”, the video won’t offer much confidence to your potential customers, or have the impact you wanted.

Luckily, with Messages On Hold’s vast library of voice over talent, you won’t have to enrol in a voice coaching class. We have male and female voices who are ready to be the voice of your business or organisation – from Welcome and After Hours messages, to informative and engaging On Hold messages; or from Promotional Videos to podcasts – our experienced voice talent will give your audio branding a true shine.

We also have voices in a raft of languages – simply use the search bar to find your desired language, and find the perfect voice to suit. You can even have your script translated if need be!

Let us help you sound better and be heard – arrange a free demo today to hear how good you could sound.