On-hold messages and voicemails for schools

Do you struggle to share the mission, vision and values of your school with parents and other interested parties?

Is your school calendar so full you’re finding it hard to keep everyone up to date?

Then let Messages On Hold Australia do it for you. We assist hundreds of schools all over Australia to share their message with their community via their telephone on-hold messages.

On-hold and voicemail messages easier than ever before

With Messages On Hold, your waiting callers hear professionally scripted and recorded messages that reinforce your school mission and values. If you want, these messages can also be a  useful tool for keeping your callers up to date with events and practical information.

And the school staff? You barely have to lift a finger! That leaves time for the important things — like making sure the future of our country receives the world-class education that Australia (and your school) is known for!

Curious? Then give these examples a listen!

Customised solutions

No matter how often you’d like to update your on-hold, IVR or voicemail messages, we have a flexible solution that fits. For example, how about refreshing your messages monthly?  This enables you to tell your callers about seasonal changes, upcoming events, field trips, tests, parking… we could go on! This is how it works:

In other words, it’s simple and hassle free. The only thing you need to do is read through and approve the script that we prepare for you.

And don’t worry — if you have any script changes, simply let us know and we’ll implement them. We always make sure your messages match your preferences and school brand.

No matter if you’re after voicemail messages with lots of sound effects, to-the-point information in an on-hold message script, an interactive IVR system, or anything in between, we’d be happy to assist!

Get a free trial

Still not sure if on-hold messages are right for your school? Then try one out with a free demo, tailor-made for your school: