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Audio Advertising: The Unsung Hero of the Marketing World

Studies have shown that while audio advertising is often the most overlooked of the marketing methods, it’s actually also one of the most effective!

When done correctly, audio advertising is an extremely powerful advertising medium, and here are four reasons why:

1. You can target your ideal demographic.

Think about it, more and more people are utilising music streaming services and listening to podcasts.  Both of these mediums require the user to create an account using valuable personal data, and they both sell advertising space.  This means that the advertisers have a wealth of information on listeners, and can thus target their audience more effectively.  As not only do these streaming services know your basic identity such as age and gender, they also know your interests, and can make likely assumptions on your personality and lifestyle. 

Young woman listening to wellbeing podcasts? Why not advertise healthy living products such as meditation apps, and healthy meal delivery services?

With this in mind, is it any wonder audio ads are 25% more effective than other marketing mediums?

Take this billboard for example – it perfectly highlights how much niche information streaming services can extract from their users, simply by analysing their choices when it comes to music and podcasts. Impressive to say the least!

2. It’s cheap!

Even though newspaper circulation rates are rapidly falling, their adverting rates have gone up, as have the rates for TV ads – in spite of lower viewership numbers, and everyone fast forwards through the ads anyway. This is where audio advertising, the hero of the day, swoops in!  Services such as radio and Spotify don’t allow the listener to skip ads, and the cost of audio ads grew less than any other form of advertising. Audio advertising allows your marketing department to get more bang for your buck!

3. Fast turnaround.

Creating an audio advert is easier than you think, and turnaround times are impressively quick! This is especially the case with the speedy team at Messages On Hold. Just tell us what you want, we script it, you approve it, we then record it with audio effects and music in our state-of-the-art studio. It really is that simple!  Audio adverts can be turned around with no fuss in just 72 hours!  Don’t believe me? Then contact us today. I’m confident that you’ll be wowed by our premium customer service, and turnaround time!

4. It works!

Most importantly, audio advertising is effective. It really works!  And not only does it work, it works quickly!  In fact, research shows that audio advertising regularly reaches customers within two hours of their largest purchase of goods and services of the day.  It reaches them when they are in a decision-making, money-spending frame of mind. Is there any better, more effective time to reach your customers? I think not! 

Finally, a Neilson study found that audio advertisers receive on average six times their investment in high-street retail sales! Now if figures like that won’t win you over to the ways of audio advertising, I’m not sure what will! 

Contact the Messages On Hold team to find out more about how audio advertising will benefit you and your brand!