Small Business Marketing and Professional Audio: The easy, affordable way to seem bigger and more successful!

You’re a solo operation.

 A one-person band.

A lone wolf.

Maybe you have the help of a few loyal employees, or a couple of contractors, but essentially, behind your professional logo, well-crafted website, and swanky signage, it’s just you! But to your customers, you’d like to project an image of strength, dependability and success; well a professional voice brand can do just that.

Many small business owners spend a fortune curating their image, and for good reason! Something as small as an unprofessionally-kept Facebook page, a confusing company name or mistimed advertising can be the downfall for businesses with impressive products and exceptional customer service. So, entrepreneurs spend countless hours maintaining their brand; online, in-store, over email, in print, across all platforms, all day long!

It’s exhausting, right? And unfortunately, there’s one part of a business’ image that consistently falls through the cracks – the way businesses sound over the phone, and in other audio media! Even companies with breakthrough technology, or the best donuts in town, might have an on-hold production that sounds dated, a welcome or voicemail message that’s voiced – poorly – by one of their staff, or an Auto Attendant menu that’s lackluster and mundane. They may even feature videos on their websites or social media with tired, “blah” voiceovers.

And really, you’ve done so much hard work crafting your image and getting customers to call – if they have a bad experience at point-of-sale, then all that effort goes to waste.

Don’t get stuck with disappointing audio – Messages On Hold can help you out. Our company has made businesses around the world sound better and sell more for over 30 years.

We’ll match one of our 60-plus voices to your company.  With a variety of ages and accents, there’s bound to be a voice that suits your brand. There are few simpler ways to make your business seem larger, more successful, and in control than with a professional voice that complements your organisation.

Isn’t it time you had a consistent sound across all of your media – announcements on your phone system, voiceovers on your YouTube videos, radio ads, etc.? Consistency helps solidify your brand, and makes your business special to those listening.

Of course, your company should look good – but it should sound great too! Let us get started on your auditory makeover: click here for a free demo!