Kym Illman Interview Episode 5 (of 6)

Every business requires its leaders to not only be efficient but also effective communicators. No one appreciates the importance of strong inner-business relationships, and the role communication plays, more than Messages On Hold’s MD, Kym Illman.

In this fifth and penultimate part of our six part interview series, Kym discusses the role of management and the leadership styles he favours. Not one to underestimate the importance of taking pride in your staff, Kym talks about encouraging continual improvement and fostering a culture of independence, learning and growth for employees.

Using his own company as a model, Kym proposes that the strongest way to create a positive culture in a business is by providing independent managerial authority and having high expectations of his team. A fan of promoting from within, Kym discusses how he implements change, and touches on how external developments, such as technology, shape the way we conduct business.

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