Kym Illman Interview Episode 6 (of 6)

Behind every successful company is the vision and perseverance of its founders. From Richard Branson to Steve Jobs, tracking the habits, journey and experiences of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs offers invaluable business lessons.

In this sixth and final interview in this series, Kym gets the chance to talk about himself! He describes the irregularity of his atypical working days, his system of setting goals, rewarding success and his recipes for self-improvement. Kym discusses how to teach by example, using the lessons he’s learnt throughout his decades in business to train and invest in his own managerial staff.

If you’re interested in the secret to success, Kym has his top three business tips ready for you. A man who has conquered markets domestically and internationally, set the tone for unparalleled customer service expectations and has an insatiable appetite for newer and better ways of doing business, Kym has one golden rule for all small to medium businesses out there.

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