Kym Illman Interview – Episode 4 (of 6)

When you’re driven by ambition and fuelled by a love of sales, you’re constantly planning for the future. Innovative ideas and bold ventures are the recipe for business success.

In this fourth part of six interviews, Kym Illman elaborates on his business plans for the future and analyses how a business can expand horizontally, once it has reached its peak vertically.

Kym discusses Canity, his popular online customer service training platform that allows businesses from across the world to train their staff with entertaining animated videos that will turn their team into customer service experts.

Building up new business ideas is never easy, even for an experienced entrepreneur like Kym, and he discusses the importance of moving towards increasingly internet-friendly business and the advantages of business diversification. At a time when the Australian economy is only becoming tighter and tighter, Kym discusses how best to navigate through the pressures of a slow market and the necessity to continually stand out from the crowd.

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