Improving Your Business By Sweating The Small Stuff

You’d be surprised at how many silly errors a professional copywriter makes in his/her first draft. I should know! Before you see our work, we’ll have revised and scrutinized that piece of copy a dozen times; laboring over every word, comma and capital letter.

It’s very rare that your first effort is your best effort, whether that’s in business, sport or your personal life. But those few who stop, take a minute and ‘sweat the small stuff’ are the ones who create something brilliant.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

Another person who sweats the small stuff is product creator Tony Fadell. In his compelling TED Talk, Tony tells us how as humans we’re hard-wired to get used to the way things are. That’s great for making our world a little less chaotic, but it’s hell for writing copy that leaps off the page – or creating a product that people fall in love with.

If you’re passionate about making tomorrow better than today, take the next 15 minutes and check out what the man behind the iPod and Nest thermostat has to say on noticing – and driving – real change in every area of business.

– Lachy