You Ask – We Tell!

An important part of my role as Head Copywriter is offering new clients helpful suggestions for maximising the effectiveness of their On Hold audio productions. We’re firm believers that the creative process isn’t complete until the client and copywriter have spoken, so every client who comes on board gets a call from the real, actual person who will be writing their script.

It’s better customer service and firmly establishes in the client’s mind we’re the experts and here to help.

Here are the three most common questions new clients ask us.

New Client: What happens next?
Copywriter: After this phone call I’ll draft your first On Hold script. Your creative coordinator will then send it to you to review. This is your opportunity to ensure the content I’ve written is accurate and you’re happy with the direction and tone we agreed to take. Send it back to your creative coordinator with your approval and he/she will pass the script to our studio team who will record and mix the production for uploading on your playback hardware.

NC: How long will it take?
CW: Our turnaround time on all scripts is one business day. Once we receive approval, your production will be playing on hold within two business days.

NC: Our receptionist just won a bake off? Can we talk about that and our history/commitment to customer service?
CW: All these things are nice and can be a good way to build rapport, but you only have a few precious moments during each wait to get your point across to callers. That’s why I recommend using your on hold messages to help prospective customers make an informed purchase decision. Save the other stuff for your website or newsletter when potential customers have the luxury of time and let’s focus on promoting your products and services on hold.

Of course, any time you’d like our assistance with the direction of your script or help fleshing out potential message topics, let your creative coordinator know and he or she will arrange a time for us to speak.

Until then, happy scripting!

– Lachy Banton