Leave a Message

How come everyone’s voicemail is so dreary and monotonous? “Hi, you’ve called John Smith. Unfortunately I can’t come to the phone but leave a message”. I’m falling asleep just typing it. Boring recordings do little to encourage the caller to leave a message, and I hazard to guess, in most cases drive customers to call someone else.

Most people don’t realise just how important it is to keep your brand consistent throughout all communication mediums. Every recorded message, be it an after-hours recording or the voicemail on your mobile, is representative of your business. It should therefore reflect the same corporate image professionalism as your On Hold messages.

Just like your On Hold messages, your recorded messages require the caller to act: leave a message, visiting the website or call us back in the morning. If you put little effort into your message, you can expect the same level of effort from your caller. In short, they’ll hang up and call someone else.

What do we to improve your recorded voice announcements? As well as use a professional voiceover artist to voice them, we creatively script them to match the tone and style of your On Hold production. We also use language that drives callers to act instead of hang up so sales leads don’t go begging.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand. Just request a free demo if you’re a non-existing customer, or get in touch with us if you’re an existing customer.

A boring, poorly recorded message that lacks personality and professionalism is lost on callers, which means you could be losing a valuable marketing opportunity or sale. (For more detail watch this video – our executive chairman knocks himself out explaining how.)

So next time you go to record your voicemail or any other voice message for your business, take a moment to think about what it’s saying about your business.

– Dave Roberts