Please Leave A Message After The…

“Hey, how you doin? Sorry you can’t get through, why don’t you leave your name, and your number and I’ll get back to you”

I love Voicemail. One of my favourite songs of all time was about leaving a message and one of the funniest Seinfeld moments of all time was also centred around this ingenious bit of technology. I personally am in the Costanza camp of shamelessly screening a majority of my personal calls so I’m forever grateful for that little bit extra time my voicemail allows me.

Voicemail is nothing new, it’s been around for a long while now but most people don’t realise it’s as powerful a tool for customer service as your On Hold is. Think about it, when else do you get to directly communicate with your customers without ACTUALLY communicating with your customers. And when else do you get a red hot sales lead land smack bang in your lap when someone leaves their details after the tone? Never. So it makes sense to make the most out of this simple customer service opportunity.

Here are some of the Messages On Hold Copywriting Team’s How Not To Make Your Voicemail Sound Bad and Waste Everyone’s Time tips.

Don’t Be Boring

Hello, you’ve called whatever business this is. We’re not here because it’s not working hours. Leave a message and we’ll probably get back to you eventually.

Sure I’ll leave a message, once I pull myself out of the coma that Voicemail recording put me into. You WANT your callers to leave a message, you WANT to get back to them, so let them know. Don’t be desperate, but a little excitement and an assurance of when you will actually return the call never hurt anybody.

Don’t Waste The Opportunity

Your callers are going to listen to the whole Voicemail to leave a message so let them know a bit extra about your business while you’ve got them. Even if they’re like me and they hate leaving Voicemails, give them your email address/website/Facebook page and encourage them to get in touch that way. If someone’s taken the time to pick up the phone and call you, you may as well ensure they get in touch.

Don’t Drop The Ball with your Branding…

You’ve spent the time crafting a great corporate image for your business, so let that image shine through with your Voicemails. Tell your callers proudly who they’ve called so they can be sure their message is going to get through to the right company.  Think about what information your clients are actually going to need outside of your business hours. Will they need alternative? will they need directions to your business? Will they simply need to know when you’re going to be open next? Know your clients as well as your own branding; you never know who’s going to be leaving a message.

I’ll leave you with a hilarious yet clever of Kramer’s Movie Phone IVR – he’s even worked in a short marketing message at the beginning!

– Sophie

Telephone Audio: A Sound Way to Influence Customers

As a business owner or operator you probably set aside a budget for building your customer base. Odds are a lot of this spend is designed to get your phone ringing. But have you given any thought to how you handle those calls when they’re answered or the caller is placed on hold?

Every incoming call has to be handled exactly right if you want to convert that enquiry into positive action. If you’re guilty of advertising with the aim of increasing caller enquiries, but then forgetting about the experience you deliver over the telephone, here are a few ways you can influence customers, drive sales and reinforce your brand promise by delivering a superior caller experience.

Welcome Message
The Welcome Message is the most important (and often most neglected) recording inside your phone system. Rather than bore callers with a bland greeting, work in a positioning line, some music or mention an upcoming event or promotion to make a favourable first impression that has immediate impact.

Menu Prompts
Menus, for the most part, are monotonous lists designed to direct callers to the correct department. Factor in grammatical errors, poor syntax, industry jargon and an unprofessional voiceover, and callers end up confused and frustrated. With some expert help it’s easy to relax callers, put them in a better frame of mind and get them where they need to go, faster.

On Hold Messages
If you place callers on hold or transfer calls between departments, this is a modern must. A well written messages on hold production not only makes the wait time seem shorter, but warms up leads and prompts callers to act. Think of it as having your best sales or customer service representative speaking one-on-one with every waiting customer.

After Hours Messages
Just like your on hold messages, an after hours message must be powerful if you want callers to act. After all, if they don’t leave a message or call back in the morning, what’s the point? If you don’t know how to script and voice a powerfully persuasive after hours message, you can expect potential buyers who rang outside of business hours to forget you entirely, or even worse, hang up and call your competitor.

Voicemail Messages
How come everyone’s voicemail is so dreary and monotonous? “Hi, you’ve called John Smith. Unfortunately I can’t come to the phone but leave a message”. What’s wrong with adding some personality? Boring voicemails do nothing to encourage the caller to leave a message, and in most cases drive customers to call the next business on their list.

There’s a lot to think about, isn’t there? The good news is, our team is here to help you decide what you should be promoting on hold. Your Creative Coordinator will also be in touch regularly with message ideas and seasonal scripts to help you make the most of what’s happening in your business. Getting started is easy, just follow this link and fill in your details!

Leave a Message

How come everyone’s voicemail is so dreary and monotonous? “Hi, you’ve called John Smith. Unfortunately I can’t come to the phone but leave a message”. I’m falling asleep just typing it. Boring recordings do little to encourage the caller to leave a message, and I hazard to guess, in most cases drive customers to call someone else.

Most people don’t realise just how important it is to keep your brand consistent throughout all communication mediums. Every recorded message, be it an after-hours recording or the voicemail on your mobile, is representative of your business. It should therefore reflect the same corporate image professionalism as your On Hold messages.

Just like your On Hold messages, your recorded messages require the caller to act: leave a message, visiting the website or call us back in the morning. If you put little effort into your message, you can expect the same level of effort from your caller. In short, they’ll hang up and call someone else.

What do we to improve your recorded voice announcements? As well as use a professional voiceover artist to voice them, we creatively script them to match the tone and style of your On Hold production. We also use language that drives callers to act instead of hang up so sales leads don’t go begging.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand. Just request a free demo if you’re a non-existing customer, or get in touch with us if you’re an existing customer.

A boring, poorly recorded message that lacks personality and professionalism is lost on callers, which means you could be losing a valuable marketing opportunity or sale. (For more detail watch this video – our executive chairman knocks himself out explaining how.)

So next time you go to record your voicemail or any other voice message for your business, take a moment to think about what it’s saying about your business.

– Dave Roberts