Christmas On Ho Ho Hold

Christmas is around the corner, and there’s just so much to do! I’ve got to:

1. Order my turkey.
2. Buy and wrap presents.
3. Put up the decorations.
4. Send Christmas Cards.
5. Organise my IVR and On Hold Messages….

What, what?

That’s right! The festive season is upon us, and there’s no better time to update your phone audio!

Customised Christmas phone audio allows you to wish your customers a happy holiday season and inform them of any upcoming closures you may have. Pretty handy, right? Not to mention that it also ‘wows’ the socks off your callers too!

So, what customised Christmas audio do we offer? And which is right for you and your business?

Remember, we offer it all – from the start of the caller’s journey, right to the end.

Welcome Message and Menu Prompts
The welcome message allows you to make a fantastic first impression – and we all know the importance of a first impression – while allowing you to relay pertinent information to your callers. This type of message is short, snappy, and informative, and ensures that every caller is aware of your Christmas operating hours, and hears your Christmas greeting.

On Hold Message
You can choose to utilise your on hold messages in a myriad of different ways, but it’s always important to keep your information on trend and up to date. This demonstrates to your callers that not only is your on hold information relevant, but that you also care about their customer experience.

Use your on hold audio to inform your callers of your holiday closure dates and opening hours. You could also use this opportunity to advertise your Christmas specials and any holiday promotions. We know that Christmas is a busy period, so why not free up the congestion on your phone lines by answering Frequently Asked Questions? Or even just thank your callers for their ongoing support over the past year. The world of on hold really is your oyster!

After-Hours Message
A customised Christmas after-hours message will play to your callers while you’re shut down over the break. Through this message you’re able to relay all sorts of useful information, such as emergency contact details, the date you reopen, your website and email address, and information on how to place an order. Or you can also use it to simply wish callers a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.

In short, a customised after-hours message allows you to connect and engage with callers even when you’re off enjoying a well-deserved break with family friends.

In addition to providing you with bespoke Christmas messages, we can also jazz up your phone audio system with Christmas-themed music! If you want to get into the festive spirit and choose which track would best suit you and your business, click here to select from our library of Christmas tunes.

Don’t be a Christmas turkey and leave updating your phone audio system until too late, chat to our terrifically festive team today! After all, to borrow a quote from Buddy the Elf, ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to play on hold messages for all to hear.’

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