For All Your Marketing Needs & Requirements

I bet you’ve heard these common phrases a million times, on TV & radio ads, on websites and in print:

‘We’ve got all the products for all your electrical needs…’

‘We’re your one-stop-shop for all your hardware requirements…’

‘Our friendly staff are here to help…’

Feeling sleepy yet? I sure am.

Here in the Copywriting Department we have a self-imposed ban on clichéd phrases like needs, requirements, one-stop-shop, and ‘friendly’ staff.

Cut back on the waffle.

Cut back on the waffle.

Why? Well to start with; what does ‘all your electrical needs’ really mean? Does your life depend on that new iPod or television… probably not, although the members of Generation Y may feel differently. And ‘friendly’ staff; the fact that your staff are nice people who will treat customers with respect shouldn’t be a drawing card, it should be a given!

When you’ve heard something a million times before, you just switch off. When we’re writing an On Hold production we try to be as succinct, effective, ear-catching and original as possible. Words like ‘needs’ and ‘requirements’ don’t grab people’s attention. They turn people off. You only have a few moments to impress your callers, so don’t waste your time with meaningless drivel like “for all your insurance/financial/shopping needs”.

These clichéd phrases don’t grab people’s attention because we hear them so often we’ve conditioned ourselves to stop listening. Like when you hear ‘Thank you for holding, your call is important to us’; it doesn’t really grab your attention does it? You know in your heart of hearts that it’s an empty sentiment. If you avoid these clichés, you dramatically increase the odds that people will listen, and then act.

This time can be put to better use.

Instead of writing:

“For all your insurance needs…”

Why not focus on a benefit:

“For award winning insurance and the expert advice that comes from decades of experience…”

By reducing the amount of empty jargon on your On Hold you can increase the amount of time spent talking about the real benefits you offer your customers.

What if a restaurant ran with the slogan:

‘for all your nutritional support needs’?

That doesn’t sound very appetising. Don’t just tell your callers what you do; tell them why & how you do it better than everyone else:

‘Using only the freshest ingredients and inventive recipes we guarantee your dining experience with us will really satisfy.’

So get in touch with us and put the Copywriting Department to the test. We can ensure your On Hold production focuses on what makes your business better than your competitors… and keep your callers listening to boot!

P.S. If you’re after more copywriting tips, watch this Copywriting for Results Mastering Marketing video.

– Emily