A Sound Idea

Think about the last time you were blown away by an amazing singer, actor or comedian. What was it about their performance that sucked you in? The script? The lyrics? More often than not it comes down to the delivery. Both a good actor and a bad actor work with the same script – it’s their delivery that makes the difference between a knockout performance and a sub-par one. Naturally, it’s important to consider this for your On Hold audio productions as well.

When thinking about how you want to come across to waiting callers, we consider your callers first. For example, we might recommend to a law firm two 35-50 year old voice over actors as opposed to younger, female voices and a more laid-back read for a women’s hairdresser. It’s easy to overlook the importance of matching your tone to suit prospects, but rest assured the difference made is significant.

Another factor to consider is how competitive your industry is. If you have competitors over the road, around the corner or in the same building, you probably feel the need to differentiate yourself more than most. Why not make your On Hold that little bit more special! Have one of our voice actors portray a character to give your messages more personality, or specify a read that suits your brand.

So next time you’re thinking about updating your On Hold production, consider how you want to come across tone-wise. Specifying a suitable read to us can give callers that little bit of extra incentive to stay on the line. Yes it’s important that callers are interested by what you have to say, but in the end, it’s how you say it that matters most.

– Magnus Newman