Point In The Right Direction

Marketing opportunities are almost everywhere; you just have to look for them. If you can’t find one – make one.

By now you should know I’m a keen tarmac rally driver and that I’ve competed in more than a few targa rallies. The most recent of which was the Targa Wrest Point rally in Tasmania.

It was the perfect opportunity to market my company and reinforce our brand to a band of business owners out having fun. Always one to be prepared to take full advantage of any marketing exposure, I kept several hundred Messages On Hold “big hands” in the car. During the liaison stages (where normal road rules are observed) we would slow down whenever we saw youngsters and give them a hand each.

These children, now armed with our big yellow hands, would wave them like crazy at every following rally car!  Some of these drivers were impacted up to 800 times a day and all for the price of some printed cardboard.

A little creativity and a gut full of determination goes a long way; so how are you going to get your company name out to the masses without spending a fortune?