Coming Back For MOH

Targa events are full of thrills and spills – I should know! I misread a corner during Targa Tasmania at 190km/hr and flew 35 meters into a paddock and copped a slap on the wrist for some colourful decals. Both of these events made for some great PR and set tongues wagging.

Despite not finishing Targa Tasmania and torturing the poor Messages On Hold Evo, the paddock crash was by far the most successful. At least in terms of brand awareness it was. To date, the video of the crash has had 130,000+ views! It also boosted the number of subscribers to my YouTube Channel.

kymTarga West, I hope to achieve the same success. Obviously I can’t keep crashing out and wrecking the Evo – that’d be lunacy! So what I have planned is something very special for subscribers to my YouTube Channel… something that will keep them coming back. Curious? Well, I can’t tell you much about it because I’ve been sworn to secrecy but what I can say is that it’ll happen in the first 8 seconds of each video and the first one will involve a distinct lack of clothing.

Why am I doing this? To increase sales at Messages On Hold. It’s small ideas like this that cost next to nothing to do but keep our company name at the forefront of people’s minds and that always translates into dollars.

I’ll be uploading footage onto our YouTube Channel after each day of Targa West. Click here to subscribe – even if it’s only to view the first 8 seconds of each video – the fun part.

Up, up and press play!

To get any media exposure in the world of motorsport you need to either win or crash!

At the recent Targa Tasmania tarmac rally I’m proud to say I secured some sensational exposure – unfortunately it was for the latter not the former reason.

Why am I proud of crashing out, you ask? At the end of the day, I’m a business person – rallying is only a hobby of mine. So rather than beat myself up over not finishing the gruelling 5-day rally, or the money I’d have to hand over to get the car back into racing condition, I set to work turning a seemingly bad situation into a profitable one.

First up, watch the 190km/hr crash here.

The Messages On Hold EVO 9 is fitted with several HD cameras, recording every kilometre of the event. I edit and upload the content to my YouTube channel here for all to see.

After the accident I grabbed one of the in-car cameras and recorded vision of the wreck, comments from the locals who arrived on scene to assist and a short piece to camera explaining what had happened. I edited the vision on a laptop while “passengering” back to the Strahan hotel.

On arrival in Strahan I found the video crew and presented them with a perfectly edited package complete with superimposed Messages On Hold logos. A short time later, it was being viewed on YouTube (at last count it had been viewed more than 110,000 times). You can see the full stage on which we crashed here.

Of course, I don’t recommend implementing this particular strategy into your promotional mix too often but if you’re faced with an adverse situation like I was, don’t be frightened to take full advantage of it.

Point In The Right Direction

Marketing opportunities are almost everywhere; you just have to look for them. If you can’t find one – make one.

By now you should know I’m a keen tarmac rally driver and that I’ve competed in more than a few targa rallies. The most recent of which was the Targa Wrest Point rally in Tasmania.

It was the perfect opportunity to market my company and reinforce our brand to a band of business owners out having fun. Always one to be prepared to take full advantage of any marketing exposure, I kept several hundred Messages On Hold “big hands” in the car. During the liaison stages (where normal road rules are observed) we would slow down whenever we saw youngsters and give them a hand each.

These children, now armed with our big yellow hands, would wave them like crazy at every following rally car!  Some of these drivers were impacted up to 800 times a day and all for the price of some printed cardboard.

A little creativity and a gut full of determination goes a long way; so how are you going to get your company name out to the masses without spending a fortune?

Here’s a Handy Idea

If you’ve ever watched AFL, chances are you’re familiar with our ‘big hands’. Positioned behind the goals at Subiaco Oval, they’ve been prominent on every Eagles telecast since 1993. Of course, I’ll take any opportunity I can to get the Messages On Hold brand out there – and the recent Targa Tasmania was no exception.

I was competing in this 6 day event for the first time. My Evo 9 was one of 300 cars competing over nearly 2,000 kilometres of tarmac around this picturesque island state of Tasmania. Entrants comprise a myriad of well-known sports people, national & international celebrities and most importantly, lots of business people!

On the first day I was amazed at the number of locals that lined the transport stages (the bits we drive under normal road rules). Hundreds of kids would wave as we passed their schools or homes, so on Day 2 I packed several hundred hands in the car. Along the way I’d stop and hand out these hands to every child we saw. They, in turn, waved them at every subsequent car – and loved it! As you can imagine, every driver behind us, many of the prime candidates for Messages On Hold, spotted these branded hands bearing our logo for the rest of the day.

I chose to target the drivers instead of the general public because firstly, reaching the general public would be an expensive exercise and secondly, the drivers were easier to reach. This “sniper’s approach” to marketing meant that in the end, these fellow drivers were seeing upwards of 300 MOH hands a day and thinking “bloody hell, these guys are everywhere!”

I know what you’re thinking, “great idea!” right? Well it was, until I spun out, landed on some rocks and put the MOH Evo 9 race car out of action. But even then, we turned that into a promotional opportunity – have a look at the video here.