Kym Illman Interview – Episode 3 (of 6)

Across Australia, Kym Illman and Messages On Hold are famous for their iconic guerrilla marketing tactics. The key?

Kym Illman Interview – Episode 2 (of 6)

A successful business is one that is constantly looking at expanding and growing. Messages On Hold MD Kym

Kym Illman Interview – Episode 1 (of 6)

Every story has a beginning and every business is built on passion and opportunity, and Messages On Hold

Why is Customer Service so hard?

I recently took my daughter to a large retail chain that specialises in fabric and craft items. Now,

Languishing over language: how to improve your copywriting

In a fascinating interview with National Public Radio in America, UCLA professor Keith Chen spoke about how language

West Coast Eagles: Goals and Guerrilla Marketing

It was crude to say the least, but our first ambush marketing attempt took place in 1991 at

How Will You Celebrate Leap Day?

Unlike your favourite real holidays, which happen annually, you only get the chance to celebrate February 29, or

A Guide for the Lowly Shop Assistant

When you first waltz into a shop your initial impression will be your lasting one, in which case, the person guarding the counter ought to have a few skills under their belt to impress you: an encyclopaedic knowledge of the product, a contagious smile and a confident, positive attitude. This initial interface becomes even more