Wax-On, Wax-Off: Clean Up Your Business Skills

How do you turn your business acumen from good to great? The answer… it’s all in the little details. Take the classic 1984 film “The Karate Kid”; Mr. Miyagi trains his protégé, Daniel, to become a karate master with a series of seemingly menial tasks, the most famous of which is, of course, the endlessly

Leadership in Unexpected Places

A really special moment happened on Sunday morning. My husband was away for work, I had rushed my son (and reluctant daughter) to an 8.15am junior football match and it happened to be Mother’s Day. The boys played quite a rough team and had been going down like flies with injuries throughout the morning, including

Passion – What Successful Careers Are Made Of

I love playing video games. I play most days and I’m quite competitive online in some of them. But they’re not my passion. I’m never going to make a successful career out of them. That’s because I don’t spend every waking hour thinking about videogames, trying to develop them, watching online videos in an effort

Online Learning – Riding The Early Wave

Remember how scary the internet seemed 20 years ago? This ad beautifully represents how we’ll reflect on online learning in 20 years or so. At the moment it’s a little bit daunting, it’s so different to how we were educated and we sneer and think there’s no way it’ll catch on. But those doubts will

Why Staff Training is the Best Investment You’ll Make

When’s the last time you listened to your staff answer – or talk to a client on – the phone? I don’t mean walking past and catching a few phrases here and there. I mean stopping and really, really listening. Did they address the client by name? Did they sound engaged and interested? If they

Skills Training – How to master a habit in 66 days

A sustainable business is one that invests in skills training for its staff. That looks great on paper, but it doesn’t mean much if the skills taught during the training sessions lay dormant in the back of your employees’ minds. Let’s rewind for a moment. A few months back I decided to do something about