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Twitter as a business tool: a twit’s guide

Seven years. That’s how long I’ve had a Twitter account. Admittedly, when I first signed up I had no idea what I’d use this micro-blogging site for besides aimless musings about ideas I thought were funny. A few years later I found it a useful way to make bus rides seem shorter by reading jokes

Dogs – The Ultimate Managers of Workplace Stress?

Best friends are loyal. They make you happy no matter what mood you’re in, and are grateful for everything you do no matter how small. Best friends can help you through stressful times at home or even at work. Best friends might also have fur, four legs, a tail and a habit of panting with

Leadership in Unexpected Places

A really special moment happened on Sunday morning. My husband was away for work, I had rushed my son (and reluctant daughter) to an 8.15am junior football match and it happened to be Mother’s Day. The boys played quite a rough team and had been going down like flies with injuries throughout the morning, including

The Power of Social Media: Turning Disgruntled Customers Into Loyal Ones

A wise, rather scantily clad woman once said: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” While I’m sure Dita Von Teese was referring to her female counterparts, I think this quote can be applied to business, too. No matter how good your

Online Learning – Riding The Early Wave

Remember how scary the internet seemed 20 years ago? This ad beautifully represents how we’ll reflect on online learning in 20 years or so. At the moment it’s a little bit daunting, it’s so different to how we were educated and we sneer and think there’s no way it’ll catch on. But those doubts will

Skills Training – How to master a habit in 66 days

A sustainable business is one that invests in skills training for its staff. That looks great on paper, but it doesn’t mean much if the skills taught during the training sessions lay dormant in the back of your employees’ minds. Let’s rewind for a moment. A few months back I decided to do something about

Shop Sharing – Something Fishy Is Going On

Business share a lot of things these days: a healthy rivalry, customers and if you’re a hip Melbourne small business – a shop location! At first, this might sound counter-productive: two different businesses operating in the same locale. Allow me to explain… Two businesses – one shop: it’s an idea so crazy there’s no way

Winning The Ad Super Bowl

Sometimes when I’m lazing in front of the telly, I find myself oddly drawn to the strangest of ads… ads that have absolutely nothing to do with the product, but linger long after a supermarket promotes their latest specials or some chap explains how his painkillers actually target pain. This begs the question: “how relevant

Show Your Customers Some Love

In Singapore, Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal. Restaurants are booked out way in advance, boxes of

Think Big

Picture this: you’ve just finished shooting images for your upcoming photography book. Do you a) email a few