Stand Out Marketing: Highlights from Advertising in 2017

Every business is dependent on successful marketing. Throughout 2017 we were treated to some of the most ingenious advertising and marketing campaigns yet, from which we should all take inspiration.

Unless you employ a staff of creative minds who are dedicated to marketing your brand, coming up with unique and effective advertising ideas can be a real challenge. What’s more: keeping these ideas straightforward and managing to not blow out your budget is key.

So here’s a list of simple but effective advertising campaigns released this year from all over the world that pack some real punch. See if they inspire you!

Radio Ad – KitKat (UK)

Getting your message across on the radio is tricky as you want listeners to engage and not switch over stations. This is why this radio ad from KitKat (UK) is so effective – you’re drawn in by the abstract content and the tone of voice, and you want to know where on earth it’s going…

TV Ad – Road Safety Commission (Aus)

Here in Australia, amongst our cringe-worthy government-sponsored public service announcements is the odd gem—like this one from the Road Safety Commission. The tagline itself is short, sharp and memorable, and the scenarios and characters created are relatable and humorous while reinforcing the serious point.

Print Campaign – Pride Month (US)

During the world celebration of Pride Month a group of art directors in New York created pamphlets that resembled official Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) posters, and distributed them throughout the New York subway.

National Billboard Campaign – Škoda (UK)

In the UK, Škoda Auto came up with a unique way to entice window shoppers to think about a Škoda vehicle. Across Rye, Wales, the Lake District and Norfolk, digital billboards showcased live journey times to local holiday hotspots, encouraging city dwellers to get off-road and rediscover nature.

Print Campaign – Royal Life Saving (Aus)

This Western Australian campaign proposes a powerful message from Royal Surf Life Saving Western Australia, whose lifeguards noticed a growing trend of poolside parents looking at their Smartphones instead of watching their children in the water.

Geico (US)

US auto insurance conglomerate Geico had an astounding $1.1 billion budget for their yearly advertising, but it seems to have paid off. Here we have Geico’s “Not Surprising” campaign which makes the brand stand out in its highly competitive industry, through pure goofiness and silliness.

The News Literacy Project (US)

As a response to a growing trend of readers only reading headlines before sharing articles, News Literacy Project teamed up with a New York agency to create a whole new typeface. This font is so difficult digest, the viewer is forced to slow down their reading pace, and take in every angle to get the whole picture.

At Messages On Hold, we understand that coming up with a clever advertising campaign isn’t as easy as simply getting out the old butcher’s paper and felt tips. Brainstorming can sometimes take weeks, which is why our creative team heavily research your brand and industry to consistently provide you with fresh new ideas.

No matter if your advertising sits on public billboards, is thriving through social media, played on TV, or primarily within an aural on hold production, placing your creative brainstorming in the hands of creative experts (such as Messages On Hold) saves you from a world of creative blocks and going with last-minute clichés.

Luckily, all it takes is a little left-of-centre brainstorming by the right creative team. Let’s put you at the forefront of your industry – request a demo today!