Kill the Cliches!

Ticking clocks. Arrows hitting targets. Chances are you’ve come across these visual symbols splashed across hundreds of websites, banners, print ads and tv commercials. In fact I’d say it’s a certainty. Even if you can’t recall a specific example, it just goes to prove you should avoid clichés in your marketing, or risk being forgotten.



Using a ticking clock to show the passage of time may have once been considered a stroke of creative ingenuity, but those days are gone forever. The moment an execution becomes clichéd, so does the organisation behind it. No lasting impression is made, and the audience forgets about the company the instant they switch channels or turn the page. And that’s the last thing your business wants.

Clichés exist On Hold too. We’ve all heard them before.
• Your call is important to us
• Thank you for holding
• We are your one-stop shop
• …for all your needs and requirements.

To make your business stand out, it’s important to have a production that’s uniquely yours.

It starts with copywriting that combats convention. At Messages On Hold we find out from you the most significant aspects of your products and services. Then it’s the job of our experienced copywriters to find one-off, creative ways to educate your callers in a way that reflects your branding and distinguishes you from the rest. That means no clichés.

At the recording and mixing stage, forget about the generic tinny elevator music and tired voices that have become the norm. Choose brilliant tracks written by talented musicians, a diverse cast of professional voice actors and an enormous library of high-quality sound effects.

Why not see how we put it all together with a customised demo?


Do You Come Here Often?

What does online dating have to do with On Hold messaging? At first glance, not a lot. But if you give it a little more thought they have a lot to do with one and other.

The most important parallel is that you’re essentially selling yourself.

To avoid judgment (and protect my fragile ego) let’s say a friend of mine has used online dating in the past – and with great success. One thing he noticed on people’s profiles is that so many of them state the obvious, such as “love living life to the fullest” and “enjoys laughing”. Really? I’d like to know someone who finds laughing a chore. The point is these throwaway lines do nothing to engage and persuade a potential suitor.

Just like filling out an online profile, your On Hold production (or any other communication for that matter) should be engaging. Instead of saying “We value your call” or “Thanks for holding” why not tell your callers a tasteful joke, offer some industry insight, or reward them with 5% off for mentioning a certain codeword. They’ll feel happy and rewarded for holding. And you get to endear your company to them.

So, how will you inject your company’s personality into your next communication? Let us know what you come up with!

– Lachy

Gone in 60 Seconds

kymAccording to telecommunications corporation AT & T, over 70% of business calls are placed On Hold for an average of 45 to 60 seconds each. 60% of callers hang up, and

30% of those never call back. Think about that first figure for a second, excuse the pun… what do you think you could do within a minute? 

You could fire off a few quick emails, send an SMS, have a snack and pour yourself a drink, maybe with a few seconds to spare. According to a popular Nicolas Cage film, you can even steal a fleet of cars, although the legal backlash probably doesn’t warrant experimenting with this. The point is: with a little thought, one minute can be more productive than you think.

A lot of companies will welcome you to their On Hold with something along the lines of “Thank you for calling ACME Company. We appreciate your call and thank you for holding.” Now I’m no call analyst, but I reckon the callers who hang up and never call back don’t get far beyond “Thank you for hol… *click*”

At Messages On Hold, we love nothing more than injecting a dose of personality into every single message we write. From a full four-minute production down to a menu prompt that’s only a few seconds long, any message can be made into something informative and creative that encourages callers to stay on the line instead of repulsing them. Next time you have us come up with a script, why not go in with an open mind and see how we make the most of every single second your callers are on that phone line?

See what we can do in just 30 seconds here.

– Magnus