Strahan Hotel

Up, up and press play!

To get any media exposure in the world of motorsport you need to either win or crash!

At the recent Targa Tasmania tarmac rally I’m proud to say I secured some sensational exposure – unfortunately it was for the latter not the former reason.

Why am I proud of crashing out, you ask? At the end of the day, I’m a business person – rallying is only a hobby of mine. So rather than beat myself up over not finishing the gruelling 5-day rally, or the money I’d have to hand over to get the car back into racing condition, I set to work turning a seemingly bad situation into a profitable one.

First up, watch the 190km/hr crash here.

The Messages On Hold EVO 9 is fitted with several HD cameras, recording every kilometre of the event. I edit and upload the content to my YouTube channel here for all to see.

After the accident I grabbed one of the in-car cameras and recorded vision of the wreck, comments from the locals who arrived on scene to assist and a short piece to camera explaining what had happened. I edited the vision on a laptop while “passengering” back to the Strahan hotel.

On arrival in Strahan I found the video crew and presented them with a perfectly edited package complete with superimposed Messages On Hold logos. A short time later, it was being viewed on YouTube (at last count it had been viewed more than 110,000 times). You can see the full stage on which we crashed here.

Of course, I don’t recommend implementing this particular strategy into your promotional mix too often but if you’re faced with an adverse situation like I was, don’t be frightened to take full advantage of it.