The Election 2010 News Report That’s All About YOU!

In late May I started work on an Australian Election viral video that’s just gone live at www.australia2010.com.au. I was delighted when ex-A Current Affair reporter John Mort agreed to front the mock news report and I was doubly delighted that 6PR talkback host Howard Sattler and celebrity agent Max Markson agreed to appear.

Initially, we sent it to a select group of media followed shortly after by 90,000 Messages On Hold clients and opt-in recipients who’d enjoyed our previous offerings e.g. www.worldsgreatestbusinessmind.com.

This project involved more than 20 people and 400 man hours with all production carried out in-house. Luckily we recorded a Rudd and Gillard version. In fact, we had the Rudd version ready to go and had to re-edit when he was ousted. We did however miss one thing in this regard – maybe you can pick up the oversight. We also had our original domain election2010.com.au rescinded by the government without explanation, bastards!

So, what do we at Messages On Hold get out of this type of project? Firstly, good will. People just love seeing their name on screen and anything we can give people that they deem worthy of sharing with others is just fantastic by all accounts. Secondly, brand awareness. World’s Greatest Business Mind has been viewed by millions to date and with your help I think this election video will go equally viral. And thirdly it generates business. Already a significant number of people have clicked through to our infomercial on the right of the replay screen, many of whom request a free demo after viewing the infomercial before going on to say YES to Messages On Hold for their business.

Thanks for your interest in reading this far. The only thing that’s left now is to see it for yourself! www.australia2010.com.au.