On Hold Messages

Don’t Use That Tone With Me!

Do you ever think about what you sound like on the phone? If you’re like most people, you have a completely different phone voice than you do in regular conversation. Why is that?

The fact is most of us do it subconsciously. We’re programmed to switch off our personality and go into corporate mode when the phone rings at work. People are cautious about being themselves in fear of offending their callers.

But the truth is people love personality. In fact, it instantly creates a rapport with your caller and often leads to a relaxed and engaging interaction. When you’re passionate about your business, it becomes infectious and this is one of the best promotional tools there is. And it’s free!

So next time your phone rings at work take a breath and think about the following:
• Break out of the traditional corporate tone that’s dull & monotonous.
• Imagine you’re talking to your friend. Your relaxed and conversational tone will carry across to the caller.
• Be memorable. When asked things questions like ‘how are you’, don’t reply with the usual ‘good thanks’ be different, people love it!
• If you’re known for your sense of humour, use it. Humour is the best way to relax a conversation.

And don’t just change your tone when you answer calls; carry it through to your recorded messages. Injecting your own personality adds credibility to your messages; you’re instantly engaging the caller and getting them in a more receptive mood.

So take a minute to think about your phone tone, it’s something you can change quickly and easily and the results will surprise you. And if you need a hand injecting a bit in life into your messages, call 1800 637 724 (or +61 8 9260 4444).

– Dave Roberts

Leave a Message

How come everyone’s voicemail is so dreary and monotonous? “Hi, you’ve called John Smith. Unfortunately I can’t come to the phone but leave a message”. I’m falling asleep just typing it. Boring recordings do little to encourage the caller to leave a message, and I hazard to guess, in most cases drive customers to call someone else.

Most people don’t realise just how important it is to keep your brand consistent throughout all communication mediums. Every recorded message, be it an after-hours recording or the voicemail on your mobile, is representative of your business. It should therefore reflect the same corporate image professionalism as your On Hold messages.

Just like your On Hold messages, your recorded messages require the caller to act: leave a message, visiting the website or call us back in the morning. If you put little effort into your message, you can expect the same level of effort from your caller. In short, they’ll hang up and call someone else.

What do we to improve your recorded voice announcements? As well as use a professional voiceover artist to voice them, we creatively script them to match the tone and style of your On Hold production. We also use language that drives callers to act instead of hang up so sales leads don’t go begging.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand. Just request a free demo if you’re a non-existing customer, or get in touch with us if you’re an existing customer.

A boring, poorly recorded message that lacks personality and professionalism is lost on callers, which means you could be losing a valuable marketing opportunity or sale. (For more detail watch this video – our executive chairman knocks himself out explaining how.)

So next time you go to record your voicemail or any other voice message for your business, take a moment to think about what it’s saying about your business.

– Dave Roberts

Re-energising Your Script

I’ve discovered an epidemic – don’t worry, it’s not contagious! Update Inspiration Paralysis, or UIP, is where a long term client feels compelled to update their production, but becomes starved for dazzling new script ideas. The good news is there’s an antidote… and it comes in the form of our creative copywriters!

If you think you’re suffering from UIP, inoculate yourself by reading the below tips us copywriters use to refresh and re-energise tired scripts.

Tired tone?
Adjusting tone is one of the simplest ways to re-energise your production and keep your core ideas intact. Think about how you want your clients to perceive your business and what mood you want to inspire when your clients listen to your message.

Take this message, for example;

[Company name] has fast become one of Victoria’s most reputable commercial joinery fit-out companies in the construction industry, and we work with some of Australia’s largest builders, developers and architects.  

Look at the mood this message inspires. It’s casual and a little bit dry – a simple stating of facts. We can safely say this message doesn’t do a lot to arouse callers’ emotions. The below example is the same message, rewritten with a more emotive tone.

Some buildings are destined to be landmarks and some are talked about even before their doors open to the public – [Company name] sets these standards, so let us make your vision a reality.  Enquire about project development today.

This shift in tone alters how it’s perceived by the audience and impresses upon the client the true level of the business’ expertise.

What’s your angle?
Another way to re-energise your production is to change the way you frame information in messages. To do this, stop telling your clients why you’re so good or why you’re the experts and start demonstrating it by using examples. Take a moment to look at your current messages and think about what it is you’re promoting, at its basic level. Is it speed, price or availability and convenience? Once you’ve done that, offer your clients an example of how you do this.

For example:
We’re currently involved in some huge projects that draw on our decades of industry experience and ability to provide customised joinery solutions for our clients.  The best part is you can view our work for yourself today: we’ve just completed our work on [a], [b], [c] and [d].  Find out more in a moment.

The lengthy list of examples dilutes the whole impression! Rather than having one message with four points, and replace it with four messages with one powerful example each.

For example:
…first complex of its kind, boasting cutting-edge innovation and eco-friendly design right in the heart of Southbank.  [Company name] is proud to have played a part in this monumental development, providing a quality kitchen fit-out for 360 apartments.  This project allowed us to showcase the true scope of our design capabilities, as we produced over 20 varying kitchen layouts…

So there you have it. Overcoming Update Inspiration Paralysis is simple when you apply the above techniques to your production! If you’d like help on updating your next production, contact your Creative Coordinator – they help dozens of clients overcome UIP everyday!

– Carly Wise