Customer Service Begins With A Smile

We all have days when we feel flat. You might be tired. You might be having a bad day. It might be something as small as skipping that morning coffee you so desperately need. On days like this, it’s harder to wipe a smile across your face and give 100% genuine customer service.

Quite obviously, when you’re having a day like this you run the risk of letting down a customer, or potential customer, and costing yourself a sale. But I like to look at the situation a little differently. When you’re having a day when you’re not quite feeling yourself and you let yourself stay in that sulky, grouchy mood, you’re actually denying yourself a chance to let customer service cheer you up. On the other end of the spectrum, a potential customer could also be having a bad day – by providing friendly, genuine customer service you could improve their day, and in turn, improve yours!

Perhaps this picture of a little ducky will make you smile.

Perhaps this picture of a little ducky will make you smile.

In the copywriting department, we’re sometimes given the opportunity to speak to our clients over the phone, to really uncover what they’re hoping to achieve with their On Hold production. We love our clients at Messages On Hold, and every once in a while a special client comes along who’s so happy and enthusiastic that just chatting with them brightens our day. For me, it’s the client who can have a laugh with you and actually talks to you like a real person. They call you by your name and they’re enthusiastic about what you’re telling them. When you get off the phone, you’re genuinely excited about starting their script because they put you in such a good mood. If their phone manner is any indication of their customer service skills, I’m willing to bet they’re damn good at their jobs – simply because of how nice they are!

Our Managing Director Kym Illman produced an episode of Mastering Marketing which focused on how people tend to do business with people they like. By letting your mood change and enjoying interactions with your customers, not only are you giving your them what they deserve, you’re actually benefiting from it as well! If you make the sale, great, job well done. If not, there will be a next time because you will have left a positive impression on the customer so next time they need what you’re offering, they’ll have your smiling face at the forefront of their mind and they’ll come back to you.

Next time you’re feeling down in the dumps; open yourself up to the opportunity that great customer service offers. Take some advice from a legend like Peter Glen and let your own great customer service turn your frown upside down.

– Sophie

Music To Your Ears

No matter which way you look at it, music plays a massive part in everyday life. It’s a universal way of communication and has the power to alter the mood of the listener like nothing else can.

But every music genre is different. Each one carries its own meaning so you have to be careful when attaching it to your business. Think about it, you wouldn’t play Death-metal to your Nan, Gangster-Rap to your baby or Shannon Noll’s music to anyone because it would simply send the wrong message. The same applies with your business. You need to choose a style of background music that is a true reflection of your business.

Remember – the wrong choice of music can send the wrong message about your business and nobody wants that.

Our team of composers in The Groove Gallery have been producing a library of world-class ambient music across a variety of genres; it’s just a matter of finding the one that’s perfect for you. It’s not difficult and will only take a few minutes of your time.

First of all, take a minute to think about how you’d like your music to represent your business. If you’re in the Finance or Law sectors, then often a more corporate feel is required which is why we have our ‘Corporate’ genre available. For trade based businesses with a large male caller base, ‘Rock’ or the lighter ‘Acoustic Rock’ is often a popular choice. Or for a general relaxed and unobtrusive feel there’s the ever-popular ‘Light & Easy’ genre which can cover a variety of industries. The choice is literally endless and choosing is as easy as logging on to The Groove Gallery website and listening to the free samples we have available.

Once you’ve decided on the genre or specific tracks you’d like simply let your Creative Coordinator know and that’s what your callers will be hearing on your next production. And why stop there?

The Groove Gallery’s world-class licence-free ambient music is also perfect for playing in waiting areas, retail environments, gyms, hotels and even lifts. This will continue your music branding across even more areas of your business.

So rather than just ticking one of the music boxes for your next update, take some time to think about what your music should be saying about your business. And remember, if you’re still having trouble deciding, we’ll happily pick one for you.

– Dave Roberts