Leveraging Social Media On Hold

By now you’ve probably figured out that social networking is worth investigating; and you’ve more than likely decided whether or not to access these popular forums as a marketing tool for your business.

So how is this relevant to your Messages On Hold production?

It might seem kind of silly to market the “marketing”, but as a member of social networking sites’ key demographic, I believe it’s a great idea to promote your business’ social networking pages to customers when they call you.

The latest research suggests that while social network marketing is a relatively new field, it is a highly effective way to build your brand and a useful forum for direct marketing opportunities.

But the consensus is that in order to make it work for you, you must have an active social networking marketing strategy. This means you need:

1. Frequent updates
2. Eyeballs on your page.

While Messages On Hold can’t control how often you update your Twitter,Facebook or blog, we can help direct people towards your profile!

So what’s the benefit for your cleints of being a ‘Friend’, ‘Liking’ or ‘Following’ your business on somewhere like Facebook?

One answer to that question is; access. Following a business on Facebookmay entitle the user to privileged access to the latest news, product specials, sales or competitions. This makes the client feel special & valued plus it builds your brand’s image as one worthy of their trust. This, in turn, encourages loyalty.

The benefit for you is simple. Brand or image salience (or both)! If a client chooses to ‘like’ your page, for example, from then on, whether they actively read it or not, they will be exposed to a steady stream of messages about your business by virtue of the Newsfeed feature. You may even increase your marketing reach by followers recommending to their circle of friends.

So, even if they don’t consciously read your updates, your brand will be in their consciousness daily, and by osmosis your clients will learn more and more about your business. When they next require services of a specific kind, your business will be the first to pop into their head!

The next time you’re contemplating your an update to your On Hold production, have us script a message about your social networking page(s) for good measure!

– Carly Wise