Everyone Likes Surprises!

“Customer satisfaction is important in business”… that’s something we hear all the time. But why not go further than just satisfying clients and exceed their expectations? By turning customer satisfaction into customer loyalty, you can expect a regular return, and it doesn’t take much to make the transformation happen.

At Messages On Hold the average client life is approximately eight years. Of course, we do all the things you’d expect: personable customer service, a top-notch premium product offering and rapid turnaround times. However, we suspect one of the main reasons our clients stay with us is the little surprises we give them. A lot of these surprises relate to our products and services, such as reminding clients when the best time to update their production is, or suggesting topics for their latest batch of messages. But it’s the completely unexpected things that I’d like to mention in this blog post.

Every once in a while we’ll send out a complimentary gift to our clients. You probably do too. They include teabags, coffee sachets, chewing gum packs, wine bottles… we like to mix things up so a client never receives the same WOW twice. But the real reason they’re so successful is that we personalise each WOW with the client’s name.


These aren’t the tacky things you’d find in a cereal box or Happy Meal. By personalising each WOW with a name and message, we’re telling our clients that we remember them as individuals, not just numbers on an invoice; and showing our appreciation with a little freebie. Out-of-the-blue surprises like these are rare in business. Although they’re completely unrelated to what we do, that’s exactly what makes them special. This sets us apart from competitors and adds that little bit extra to an experience our clients already love.

Why not take a few minutes out of your day to devise your own way of WOWing clients? After all, customer satisfaction is great, but it’s the little details that turn a happy customer into a loyal one.

– Magnus Newman