A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Have you ever had a business do something extra for you as a customer? Maybe they remember your regular order, or what day you usually come in. Paying more attention to customers is a simple way to encourage loyalty and build long, fruitful relationships.

When I started at Messages On Hold, one of my first tasks was to work on something we call ‘Two New Message Ideas’. It’s a simple and effective concept that lets clients know we’re thinking of them.

Our clients are busy people, so when they haven’t updated in a while, I have a look at what’s happening in their business or industry, and suggest some message topics they can include in their production to ensure they’re getting the most out of their On Hold. For example, when mortgage exit fees were banned, I suggested our Real Estate or Finance clients include a message about it for their callers. It’s something extra that I can give our clients, so they know we’re looking out for them.

Is there something you can do in your business to help your clients feel special?  Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping client notes – remembering that there’s a birthday or a wedding coming up and send them a card! Or perhaps there’s something you can throw in for free, a cup of tea while customers wait, free vacuum with a car service, or those little cookies that sometimes come with a cup of coffee.  Or maybe you can give them a voucher for their next visit. Most of these things only take a few minutes, cost very little, but leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Little extras help a customer feel valued and show that you appreciate the fact they chose to do business with you. After all, without customers there is no customer service!

If you’re looking for a way to boost your return customers, start thinking about little things your business can do to make them feel appreciated. Take the time to go that extra mile, and you’ll see a difference in customer loyalty, and hopefully some great word of mouth advertising too!

– Rachel McGeorge