Social Media – This Tip Will Make a Difference

There are many parallels we can draw between being social in every day life and online. For instance, to be social you must be open to creating dialogue and you must also be open to sharing.  So if you’re like many other businesses owners out there struggling to make rhyme or reason out of social media, here is one idea that applies to any social setting that will help you find your voice online.

Social Media

A little exposure can go a long way…

At the end of every day, perhaps in the afternoon lull, go over what you have done today. Review it and pick something that you did, made, or created then share it with your social network. Every day we are building, creating, editing and making in some way, shape or form; make it your goal to share something from your day. This could be an article you read, a process you go through, a photo you’ve taken or something you created.

Here are some ideas to make a difference to your social media:

● Baker – share a tip for fluffier scones.

● Mechanic – provide tips for prolonging tyre life

● Farmer – post a photo of the magnificent sunset over your property

● Financial planner – offer smart ways of storing invoices & receipts

In short, passion breeds interest. Set yourself the goal of spending 10-15 minutes at the end of the day pouring over what you’ve done and share something with your network.

– Lachy