phone voice

Don’t Use That Tone With Me!

Do you ever think about what you sound like on the phone? If you’re like most people, you have a completely different phone voice than you do in regular conversation. Why is that?

The fact is most of us do it subconsciously. We’re programmed to switch off our personality and go into corporate mode when the phone rings at work. People are cautious about being themselves in fear of offending their callers.

But the truth is people love personality. In fact, it instantly creates a rapport with your caller and often leads to a relaxed and engaging interaction. When you’re passionate about your business, it becomes infectious and this is one of the best promotional tools there is. And it’s free!

So next time your phone rings at work take a breath and think about the following:
• Break out of the traditional corporate tone that’s dull & monotonous.
• Imagine you’re talking to your friend. Your relaxed and conversational tone will carry across to the caller.
• Be memorable. When asked things questions like ‘how are you’, don’t reply with the usual ‘good thanks’ be different, people love it!
• If you’re known for your sense of humour, use it. Humour is the best way to relax a conversation.

And don’t just change your tone when you answer calls; carry it through to your recorded messages. Injecting your own personality adds credibility to your messages; you’re instantly engaging the caller and getting them in a more receptive mood.

So take a minute to think about your phone tone, it’s something you can change quickly and easily and the results will surprise you. And if you need a hand injecting a bit in life into your messages, call 1800 637 724 (or +61 8 9260 4444).

– Dave Roberts