google ads

Get In The Know With Online Ads

A few weeks ago while I was looking for information for a client’s script I saw a Google Display ad that looked familiar. Turns out it was for my uncle’s medical practice. Other times I’ve seen ads for Message On Hold displayed on a website (which always seems peculiar when I’m sitting in the Messages On Hold office) but it does highlight just how effective Google ads can be.

Text display ads look like this:

Banner display ads look like this:

The Google Display Network leverages your IP address, social network settings, search history and more so that advertisers like you or me can target them. And it works the other way also. For instance, a cake shop based in Brisbane can tell Google not to show ads to people outside the metro area who would waste their advertising spend.

Google Remarketing lets you get even more targeted by only showing your ads to people who have visited your website. It’s highly effective because it’s targeting people who are more than likely interested in your service (based on the fact they’ve been to your website). Remarketing adgroups typically garner higher click-thru rates and cost less per click-thru.

There’s more good news for advertisers. Both Google and Facebook are launching new analytics systems to measure how effective your campaign is. Mashable posted two articles: Google Proposes New Metrics for Online Advertising and Facebook’s Analytics Tool for Ads Will Soon Measure Actions Other Than ‘Likes’ discussing these new systems. The consensus is that these systems will give you more confidence in utilising online advertising. So for small business, you can get online with less risk and more results.