F1 Motor Racing

Expose Yourself

The more exposure you get through the media, the more familiar your company becomes to the punter. And the more familiar you are to your audience, the greater the chance of securing their business.

The sporting world has long known the power of getting their sponsors’ logos in the media. Take F1 motor racing. Companies pay millions to have their logo associated with F1 teams, both on the cars and the drivers.

Take this shot of a post-race press conference for example. Look closely and you’ll notice the logos on the arms of the driver on the right are clearly visible, it’s as if someone has stuck a piece of board down the suit to square up the logos to the camera.

So vital is that international exposure that media savvy teams have a PR person intercept the driver and help him dress for the waiting media. The driver unzips his suit and drops the top, tying it around around his waist. The PR person then helps the driver into a race jacket in the same design as the suit. The thing about this jacket is that it has stiff panels sewn down on both the upper arms and sometimes in the chest panel, all designed to present sponsor logos flat and square to the camera. You’ll note also that almost all of them wear a watch at the press conference, once again, presented to them by the PR person.

When a company is paying a minimum of 6 figures (right up to 8 figures even!), TV exposure of this magnitude is crucial. If the big boys leave nothing to chance, neither should you. Plan for media exposure and make sure your logo is presented in the best possible light.