WARNING: Some Scenes May Shock!

It’s not often I get dressed up in women’s clothing and parade in front of a camera but I did just this a couple of weeks ago.

I donned a wig and endured an hour of make up application. My General Manager Kirrily lent me a dress and one of the other female staff offered me the bra they were wearing that day to ensure I looked as realistic a woman as a 49 year old male can. It was all in aid of a new Messages On Hold infomercial on Youtube.


I must warn you, I appear completely nude in a later scene. MOH’s Admin Manager Tonya Allan agreed to do the camerawork for that scene on what was a “closed set”. It was shot against a green-screen background so the MOH graphic designers could go to work on the image in post-production.

Please, have a look at the video on I’d love to hear your feedback.

P.S. Tonya was my first employee back in 1989. I married her in 1995 to secure her long-term tenure.