auto attendant

Is Your Caller Important To You?

The worst recorded words you can hear over the phone are; “Thank you for holding, your call is important to us. One of our operators will be with you shortly”. The first time you hear it you believe it. “Why would this lovely voice lie to me?” As time goes on you realise that in your heart of hearts they will not be with you shortly. The tell tale signs appear; you might put the phone on speaker, you go on the computer, maybe turn on the TV because you to know ‘shortly’ is a relative term.your-call-is-important

In our Copywriting Department we shudder at the phrase – knowing full well that it does the complete opposite of what it is supposed to do. It does not put the caller at ease, especially when they hear it multiple times. In fact, it reminds the caller that they’re caught in ‘on hold purgatory’ and makes their wait time seem longer.

When a client requests a generic courtesy message in their on hold production, we remind them that doing so has the opposite effect. We remind them that it’s much wiser to inform callers of the new services available at the company, encourage the caller to like a Facebook page or check out the website. After all, the longer a caller stays on hold, the less the courtesy message sounds reassuring and the more it begins to sound like a taunt!

In an ideal world your callers would only be on hold long enough to hear a few messages, but for any number of reasons this isn’t always the case. It’s important in these situations to entertain and educate the caller with fun, interesting and informative messages. You might even like to let them know alternative ways of contacting your company. The objective is to take your caller’s mind off the wait and tell them how you can in fact assist them.

Thank you for reading this blog, your time is important to us.

(See! Even when it is genuine it rarely comes across that way!)

– Emily

Welcoming a Happier Customer

I have worked in retail and hospitality, and in both industries I was instructed to always greet customers when they entered the store/cafe. “Customers feel more comfortable browsing for longer and are more likely to buy something” I was told. And they were right! Whenever I visit a store or approach the counter today as a customer and they don’t greet me, I feel as though I’m intruding or shouldn’t be there. A nice warm welcome is a really simple way to let customers know that you appreciate them visiting or calling your business.

Ever called a company only to be greeted by a receptionist who sounded half asleep, grumpy or just plain disinterested? It doesn’t create a great first impression. An automated phone greeting is a better way to ensure every customer is greeted in a warm and welcoming manner.

Is the phone always ringing off the hook in your office? Perhaps some days you’re understaffed and it rings longer than you would like. With an auto attendant set to kick in after two or three rings, customers aren’t given the opportunity to hang up before their call is answered/take their business elsewhere. They’re greeted instantly with a warm and welcoming greeting message. The auto attendant can then ask the caller to leave their details, play a menu directing the call to the right department, or place them on hold until staff are in a position to give their full attention to the customer.

I was out shopping recently and upon entering a store, I was not only greeted but advised “today we have 25% off everything in store!” Naturally, I bought a few things that I wouldn’t have picked up at full price, simply because she took the time to greet me and let me know about the promotion. What I also noticed however, is that when the same shop assistant answered the phone she neglected to mention the sale to her prospective customer. Now no one’s perfect. (I like to eavesdrop.)  But a professional phone welcome message that not only greets every customer but also mentions “Everything in store is 25% off” makes good business sense.

It’s a simple customer service principal that can be applied to any customer interactions, on the shop floor, in the waiting room, or on the phone. First impressions matter. With our professional scripting and voiceover services, you’re able to leverage your Auto Attendant to make callers feel valued and appreciated. And perhaps even make a few extra sales while you’re at it!

– Rachel McGeorge